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So it’s been 4 weeks you are following a healthy weight loss diet plan and exercising regularly but not happy because the number on the scale just won’t go down? Hang on. The game does not just ends here.

Guess what? You are probably getting the best benefits. Yes, you are losing that ugly fat that you have ever wanted and gaining muscle which is why the weight is not changing. Lets talk about this in a bit more detail.

So what is the difference between weight loss and fat loss?

Weight loss: The loss of weight of your bones, muscles, organs and body fat.

Fat loss: The loss of body fat – amount of fat your body carries

If you want to lose weight, it probably means you carry too much fat.

One can start eating less and lose weight, fall ill and lose weight, get depressed and lose weight BUT cannot lose fat. So focus on fat loss rather than weight loss.

Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

So how do I know if am making good progress?

Do not just depend on the weight scale! If you are losing inches on your waist, your clothes fit more loosely and you are feeling lighter, energetic and fresh than ever, you are on the right track even if your weight stays the same. Your body is getting into the shape you have ever desired.

However, if you feel like starving, energy less and drowsy and losing weight on the scale, you are probably losing more than just fat.

Tips from Dietitian Lavleen:

  1. Do not just do Cardio; add strength training. Or you will end up losing your muscle mass.
  2. Don’t get demotivated if the numbers on weight scale are not decreasing. Your body weight fluctuates all day long. It depends on what is in your stomach/bowel/bladder, body water level and the time you weigh.

But how do I track my progress efficiently then?

  1.  Stop weighing yourself daily – Daily fluctuations will mess with your motivation
  2.  Take body measurements – neck, chest, waist, hips. Waist should go down.
  3.  See if your clothes fitting change. If they are lose, you are doing it right.
  4.  Check body fat measurements every 2 weeks and compare.
  5.  Shoot full body pictures and compare them with the past pictures.


Focus on fat loss, not weight loss. When the body fat decreases, you automatically lose some weight. And you will feel confident by knowing that not only you have come down on numbers on the scale but have lost the bad fat.

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