Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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You can contact Dietitian Lavleen’s team via email at info@dietinsight.in, call us at 9870481482, or use WhatsApp for instant communication at 9872617668, and the team will help you with the next steps.

Insurance coverage for dietary consultations can vary. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to see if they cover nutrition counseling as part of their health benefits package. We can also provide customised invoice as reqiured

To schedule a consultation, you can get in touch with our team via email at info@dietinsight.in, call us at 9870481482, or use WhatsApp for instant communication at 9872617668

Our program investment varies based on the duration and specific programs that are recommended. The program fee start with INR 16000 / USD 250. Here are more details about our programs, package, and how we work

Our programs are competitively priced and offer different options to suit various needs and budgets.

We accept all payment modes: credit cards, debit cards, UPI, GPay, Paytm, cash, etc, and EMI options are also available. Full payment is required at the start of the program.

Yes, we offer group nutrition programs and workshops designed to educate and empower communities. We also provide family packages, ideal for those looking to engage in a healthful lifestyle as a unit.

All payments must be made upfront at the start of the program. This helps ensure that both parties are committed to the process and facilitates better planning and resource allocation.

Absolutely, our personalized diet and lifestyle plans cater to all age groups, including children and elderly individuals, adapting to their specific nutritional needs and health concerns.

Yes, Lavleen Kaur is a qualified dietitian and clinical nutritionist, holding a Master’s degree in Science specializing in Foods and Nutrition, and a postgraduate degree in Health & Family Welfare.

Yes, Dietitian Lavleen specializes in creating personalized diet plans that cater to various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan diets. Our plans focus on balancing nutrition and taste while meeting individual health goals.

Exercise complements dietary changes by enhancing metabolic rate, improving muscle tone, and increasing overall energy levels. It is an integral part of a holistic approach to health and wellness, helping to achieve and maintain optimal health outcomes.

Yoga can significantly enhance the dieting process by reducing stress, improving flexibility, and fostering a greater sense of mental and physical balance. It helps in managing appetite and improving digestion, making it a valuable addition to any diet plan.

Yes, we offer specialized diet programs for diabetic patients, focusing on blood sugar management through balanced eating. These plans are tailored to individual health needs to help manage and mitigate the effects of diabetes.

We serve clients globally. International clients can access all our services, including virtual consultations and personalized diet plans, ensuring they receive the same quality of care as local clients. We have a ‘Diet Insight’  mobile app through which you receive weekly diet plans, get appointment notifications, access 800+ healthy recipes, keep track of your progress and much more.

A dietitian is a certified healthcare professional who meets specific educational and professional prerequisites to qualify for the title. Nutritionists may not have the same level of specialized training or credentials and often deal more broadly with food and nutrition science.

While a nutritionist primarily focuses on diet and the science behind food, a lifestyle coach addresses a broader spectrum of health behaviors including exercise, mental health, and sleep patterns, aiming for overall lifestyle improvements.

Nutritionists can help manage various conditions such as obesity, digestive issues, nutrient deficiencies, and general health maintenance by providing dietary advice tailored to the individual’s health needs.

Visiting a nutritionist can provide insights into healthier eating habits, help manage health conditions, improve overall wellbeing, and offer personalized guidance based on individual health assessments.

Signs that you might need to consult a nutritionist include experiencing digestive problems, having trouble losing weight, needing guidance on nutritional intake for health conditions, or wanting to improve overall health through diet.

Drastic weight loss can lead to potential health issues such as nutritional deficiencies, loss of muscle mass, and metabolic imbalances. It’s important to approach weight loss under professional guidance to ensure it’s safe and sustainable.

Obesity increases the risk of several health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and joint issues. Managing weight can significantly reduce these risks.

The duration of a basic diet plan varies but typically starts with a three-month commitment to ensure that clients can see and sustain positive changes.

Results can vary based on individual health goals and commitment but generally, clients may begin to see changes within a few weeks of consistent adherence to their personalized diet and lifestyle plans.

Pauses or holds are available for programs of six months or longer, allowing for up to 3 weeks of break in a 6-month program and 6 weeks in a 12-month program.

Diet Insight stands out by avoiding strict dieting philosophies and focusing on sustainable, realistic lifestyle changes. We emphasize education, personalized care, and a holistic approach that incorporates all facets of wellness.

Our diet plans focus on obtaining nutrition from food, not supplements. However, in rare cases, dietary supplements may be recommended based on individual health assessments and in consultation with your physician.

While all our dietitians are qualified to handle both weight and disease management, specific plans may be overseen by dietitians with specialized expertise in the relevant area.

Choosing Lavleen means opting for a dietitian who is highly recognized and brings a wealth of experience to her practice. Her approach is not just about dieting but transforming lifestyles globally with personalized, practical, and sustainable dietary guidance.

No, our diet plans vary in price depending on the program type—Standard or Exclusive—and the duration of the plan chosen.

While we strive to accommodate client needs, our policy does not permit refunds once a program has started due to the nature of our services.

Though Doctors follow a conventional approach whereas we follow holistic approach, we prioritize a collaborative approach and will tailor your diet plan to include any specific guidelines recommended by your doctor.

Disease management plans are tailored to manage specific health conditions such as diabetes or thyroid issues, focusing on nutritional needs to control symptoms. Weight management plans are designed to help achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

For any queries, you can contact us via phone, WhatsApp, or email, as detailed in our contact information, or through the ‘Diet Insight’ app. Our team is available Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm IST.