dietitian lavleen kaur liefstyle tips
by Lavleen Kaur
Are You Looking to treat the root cause of a health condition? First Thoughts when we indulge in our food cravings. Kya farak padta hai –"Why Bother? "Does it really matter?" Let's Just Enjoy Life! After all, We've Got Only One, Right?" Ever wondered, "What's the harm? Why does it matter?"
dietitian lavleen kaur practicing breathwork
by Lavleen Kaur
Meditation, to me, is about being entirely present in the current moment. Whether you're engaged in a conversation, attentively listening, choosing your words thoughtfully, playing with kids and getting lost in their world, or even cooking with complete mindfulness, or working on your laptop with complete FOCUS – all these moments are forms of Meditation.
anti aging tips by lavleen kaur
by Lavleen Kaur
Have you ever noticed a car parked outside your house for several days, left exposed to the harsh elements unattended in rain, dry weather, and open in the sun? Over time, you can witness the effects of aging and rust taking a toll on it.