Avoid hurry

Hurry, Worry and Curry“The best doctor gives the least medicine.”
Best advice ever – “AVOID HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY”

Patient: Doctor, I am not well, stomach remains upset and I suffer from constipation frequently. Flatulence, gas formation and acidity have become my permanent friends. Am I having a serious disease?

Doctor(smiled): No my dear friend, you are alright, you don’t have a disease. You are suffering from a lifestyle hazard, known as Irritable Bowl Syndrome. Just avoid HURRY, WORRY AND CURRY.

Unnecessary hurry and worry leads to stress,
which creates problems in the stomach,
plus the rich spicy curries, triggers the problem.
Although, it is difficult to avoid worries,
they just come along, but yes must be ignored.
A little bit of early morning rise, can manage the hurry part,
Occasional home made curries are good for you.

Tips from Dietitian Lavleen

Interesting conversation, wasn’t it? But you probably have never met a doctor like that? 🙂 Well, yes, trust me, this is going to be what the doctors of future will prescribe. Drugs/medicines are killing our body and the side effects are making life more stressful. There needs to an urge in every individual to start living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Life is about quality, not quantity, so everything in moderation is perfect in life.
  • Don’t forget for daily morning walk. It works better than medicine.
  • To enjoy a healthy lifestyle – Along with healthy and balanced diet, you need more maturity and patience, plus peace of mind, which can be achieved only if you include firm determination, discipline and of course meditation in you, and yes every thing in moderation.

Patient: Hurry, Worry and Curry…which I will try to avoid.
What about you?

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