How we work

How we work

How to get started in 5 easy steps?

Clinic Visit or Online Program - you choose!

The Diet Insight Clinic
The Diet Insight Clinic


Call or WhatsApp 9870481482 to book your appointment (2-3 days prior)


Visit our clinic in Chandigarh and enroll into a service


We perform your body analysis


Receive your 7 day diet plan handwritten by Dt. Lavleen


Visit weekly (based on package duration)

Online diet consultation


Register online at and complete your profile


Enroll into a package based on your health goal


Hear from Dt. Lavleen for the phone consultation as scheduled


Start getting 7 day diet plans via email or SMS


Get weekly feedback calls from a diet counselor

Our Top Programs

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Best program for weight, fat and inch loss if you have no medical issues

Ideal for weight loss in case of Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, PCOD/S, etc.

Goal oriented diet plan packages for everyone's every nutrition requirement at all ages

Why Choose Us?

We at The Diet Insight Clinic strive to promote healthy living, fitness and wellness by providing you an insight into a personalized and balanced diet that is going to match your lifestyle. “You are what you eat! Yes, to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food.

International Excellence Awards

8+ years of experience. 1000+ success stories

Healthcare & lifestyle awards winner in 3 consecutive years

Qualified & registered dietitian (M.Sc. FN, PGD.HFW, M.Ed.)

Happy clients in 15+ countries

Known for 99.9% client satisfaction rate

healthy diet plan

Fully customized diet plans (nothing predefined)

Easy to follow & homely food with multiple options

No pills or supplements; only real food.

Focus on nutrition, not just calories

Improve overall health being, not just lose weight


No marketing gimmicks or sales pitch

No false promises or guarantees

Pause or restart your program/package at any time

Maintenance diet included in every package

Family discounts


Get treated as a family

Clinic visit or online/phone consultation – You choose

Support on call, WhatsApp, email 9am – 8pm IST Mon-Sat

Weekly meetings/calls

Learn to create your own diet plan

Not just a diet plan!

It's not your job to fit into our's our job to make one that fits into your life.


Grocery reference and a special Recipes book ensures you are able to plan your diet in advance.


The Portion-Control guide allows you to eat everything, just SMARTLY, so you don’t have to depend on a kitchen scale.

Eat Out Guide

The Eat-Out guide allows you the freedom to choose your own meals when eating out, at a party or travelling.


Easy-to-use progress trackers & cheat sheets keep us constantly updated about your progress ensuring good results.

Need help? Call or WhatsApp +91 9870481482

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We know what's on your mind! Go through the answers below to understand how everything works.

Just to give you a bit of overview, our weight loss program purely works on the basis of balanced healthy food and nutrition. We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle rather than promoting quick weight loss/gain diets, pills or use of supplements.

Your commitment, dedication, trust and a little bit of patience. That’s it!

We want you to understand that losing weight is not just a numbers game. Its more than just monitoring your weight on the weighing scale. However just for the sake of giving you an idea in numbers, you can expect to lose between 2-4 kg of your weight and 1-2 inch loss per month but the real results will simply depend upon your body system, metabolic rate, physical activity and your commitment to follow our diet plan to reach the goals.

First of all, do not think of it as if you are dieting. We are against dieting. Dieting is when you are deprived of certain foods and you restrict your calorie intake so much that you lose weight. This results in other side effects to your body including hair loss, body weakness and general fatigue. We believe in healthy eating. Our diet plans are designed to assist you integrate healthy eating in your lifestyle. You do not have to restrict yourself too much and you do not have to starve yourself.

Importance is given to local and traditional food. All diet plans are long term sustainable. While calories are important, we do not count them every time as this isn’t something you can do all your life. We will also teach you portion control so you don’t keep measuring food on a kitchen scale.

NO. Spot reduction is a myth. This means that one cannot target a certain part of the body and lose fat there only. Your body loses fat proportionately from wherever the fat deposits are.

Each week we will perform a body analysis with a body analyzer machine at our clinic, record your results and then create your diet plan for the following week based on these results and any other feedback you may have.

For online services, our eClinic website has been designed specifically for this purpose. You will be able to record your weight and body measurements and monitor your progress very easily in the Trackers section.

All diet plans are personalized and customized as per individual eating habits, medical history, body analysis and lifestyle. Therefore we are unable to provide you any sample diet plans.

Weekly diet plans are prescribed and based on how you consult with us:

Clinic Visit: Handwritten in your diet booklet.

Online Program: Email or SMS in a PDF file (WhatsApp cannot be used to share diet plans)

Dear friend, we are not selling a product. It’s something you have to guarantee yourself that you will be committed to the diet plan along with some type of physical exercise.

We DO NOT guarantee 5, 10 or 15 kilo weight loss programs. We believe the human body can safely lose up to 2-3 kilos a month and we prefer to do it the right way, the holistic way and in a way that is safe for your body and in a way where the weight you lose will stay off and not bounce back once you get off the program.

  • Be positive
  • Be patient
  • Trust your dietitian
  • Engage in some physical activity
  • Call or WhatsApp: +91 9870481482

    Phone support (during clinic hours)
    : 9:30am to 6:00pm MON-FRI, 9:30am to 2:00pm on SAT

    WhatsApp/Email support: 9:00am to 8:00pm MON-SAT

    Call or WhatsApp us on +91 9870481482 and we would love to assist you in any matter.

    Note that due to the nature of services provided, no refund is provided, under any circumstances.

    If you interrupt or stop the ongoing programme for any reason (such as change of mind, pregnancy, illness, holidays and so on), no refund may be granted to you. Likewise, any sums in respect of this programme that are not yet paid shall remain due.

    Only join us if you agree to the following

    • You are consulting with a Dietitian. The information obtained during your session(s) with our dietitian, cannot replace or substitute for the services of your physician/doctor.
    • This is healthcare and not a business. The money you pay is for our time, something we treat as a precious commodity. The time we invest is irreversible, hence we choose to make the most of it in our relationship with you to understand your ailments and to heal you.
    • While we value your money, we do not want it if it's going to be used in a way to threaten us and our work or seal your place of power in the relationship. We value and respect who you are and what you may do, but we are not concerned about your designation or your place in society. Everyone is equal in our eyes, so we thank you in advance for refraining from name dropping and exerting influence.
    • We will not tolerate a poor attitude and lack of respect as it becomes a seriously limiting factor in your healing and our relationship. We respect you and value you and we have the same expectations of you, so we can do what we do best. Please consider this point seriously before you decide to join.
    • Some ailments take longer to heal. Illness and weight problems develop over the years and it is unrealistic to expect a miracle in 1 week or 1 month. We do not work with symptoms, we address root causes to try and cure and heal you and that takes time. Be patient and you will reap its benefits.
    • Our relationship is based on coaching, educating and truly being there for you. Ask questions, seek logic, as much as you need to. Please do not resort to unnecessary challenging and keep your ego in check. These behaviours are severely draining and will not help us meet our objective.
    • We do not force you to take any supplements, although we may make suggestions and recommendations based on what we feel is what you need and best for you.
    • You commit to strictly follow this program for the period as directed without cheating.
    • You commit to take responsibility for your own actions and understand that the dietitian cannot control what you consume.
    • Payments: You agree to make full payment at the start of the program.
    • We do not guarantee 5, 10 or 15 kilo weight loss programs. We believe the human body can safely lose up to 2-3 kilos a month and we prefer to do it the right way, the holistic way and in a way that is safe for your body and in a way where the weight you lose will stay off and not bounce back once you get off the program.
    • Upgrades: A program once enrolled in, can ONLY be upgraded within the first week from the start date. Downgrades are not allowed.
    • Transfers: If, for a medical or other emergent reason, you are not able to continue the program, you can transfer it to a friend or a family member at the cost of consultation fee. No multiple transfers.
    • Breaks: You can put your program on hold at any time and continue later at any time, provided you notify us prior to your scheduled appointments.
    • Missed appointments: If you miss your appointment and do not notify us, it is your responsibility to reach out to us and reschedule your next appointment.
    • Refunds: Once you have paid for a program, the No Refund policy applies. Due to the nature of services involved, no refund is provided, under any circumstances.

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    1. Hi mam..can diet plan help to cure alopecia areata..?

      1. Hello Prerna,

        Diet and lifestyle modifications can help with alopecia areata. But the process is gradual and depends on body type and medical conditions etc.

        Support Team
        Dietitian Lavleen’s Diet Insight Clinic

    2. Hi lavleen
      I want 3 months program n wanna reduce upto 21 kgs post pregnancy weight..

      1. Hi
        Weight reduction depends on your metabolism and medical conditions. You can sign up for the pregnancy or post pregnancy program online. Here are all the details

        Support Team
        Dietitian Lavleen’s Diet Insight Clinic

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