Wellness program

Batch-22 starting July 6🗓️. Few seats left!

Lavleen Kaur dietitian

Wellness program

Batch-22 starting July 6, 2024

A 4-month personalized journey to help you regain your physical, mental, and internal health, and 🌱 change your lifestyle! 🚀💪


Orientation session on July 6, 2024 (Sat) at 8am IST 🕗

A comprehensive package where we work on diet, exercise, mental health and lifestyle aspects under medical support in a phase-wise manner. A team of experts from every field in healthcare consisting of dietitians, yoga experts, stress management and medical professionals to guide you throughout the program at various designated intervals via one-on-one consultations and group sessions.

Changing lives, naturally!

Showering happiness & healing emotions

Program benefits

What you will achieve

4-phase approach

One step at a time


Phase 1

4 weeks

Form the base for the program and begin with dietary changes & medical report analysis. Create a healthy kitchen and settle into a new routine. Learn Stress and Sleep Management.


Phase 2

4 weeks

Begin with Yoga/exercise and learn portion control techniques. Dietary changes to enhance gut health to assist with micronutrient absorption, followed by natural detox & cleansing.


Phase 3

4 weeks

Level up your Yoga practice. Target internal inflammation, focus on boosting the immune system; work further on inner healing and lifestyle modifications.


Phase 4

4 weeks

Starts with a special session on Maintenance. Then, special mind-body therapies. Review, apply and log the learnings by creating your own plan with support from our end.

Meet the team

Some of our stars


Key features

Why you should join this program?

✓ One-on-one diet & medical consultations
✓ Customised diet plan
✓ Regular follow-ups

✓ Over 10 years of experience
✓ Proven record of results
✓ Dietitian, Doctor, fitness expert

✓ Get diet plans in app
✓ Message your mentor directly
✓ Track progress, access healthy recipes

✓ Special address at the beginning of every phase
✓ Chance to interact and ask questions
✓ Learn healthy lifestyle techniques

✓ Live & interactive group classes
✓ Stretching, asanas, bodyweight exercises
✓ Internationally certified and verified instructors

✓ Stress management
✓ Sleep management
✓ Breathing/meditation

Program inclusions

What you will get and when

Wellness Program group inclusions

Life-changing experiences

Real people, real feedback

Program investment

Enrolment fee

For Indian Residents:
             Wellness Plus
INR 28,000           INR 44,000

Batch starting July 6. Few seats left!🚀

  1. Personal 2 x Exclusive video consultations with Lavleen
  2. Personal 2 x exercise/yoga sessions with expert
  3. Weekly follow-up appointments with team dietitian (instead of biweekly) for added motivation
  4. One-on-one counselling session to manage overthinking, stress, anxiety and improve mental well-being
  5. Lifetime access to support over chat/email and latest recipes in app

💳 No-cost EMI available on major credit/debit cards. Easy payments, no extra charges!

For International Residents:
Wellness             Wellness Plus
USD 420                 USD 650

Batch starting July 6. Few seats left!🚀

  1. Personal 2 x Exclusive video consultations with Lavleen
  2. Personal 2 x exercise/yoga sessions with expert
  3. Weekly follow-up appointments with team dietitian (instead of biweekly) for added motivation
  4. One-on-one counselling session to manage overthinking, stress, anxiety and improve mental well-being
  5. Lifetime access to support over chat/email and latest recipes in app

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Payment information:

  • All payment methods are accepted. Click on ‘Join Now’ button above to proceed.
  • No-cost EMI available: Credit cards – All; Debit cards – HDFC, IndusInd.
  • For manual bank transfer, note the account details below:

Account name: Lavleen Kaur
Bank Name: ICICI Bank Ltd.
Account number: 632205500510
IFSC code: ICIC0000964

Batch starts: July 6, 8am IST

Limited Seats. Reserve yours now!

For enquiries, contact:

Phone: +919870481482
WhatsApp: +919872617668
Email: info@dietinsight.in

Lavleen Kaur, dietitian, clinical nutritionist

Frequently asked questions

We know what's on your mind!

What are the benefits of joining this program?

  • Become obesity and disease free
  • Get goal-oriented sustainable results
  • Get a treasure of information for your and your family’s wellbeing

This program duration earlier was 6 months. Why is it changed to 4 months?

After running the program for over 1.5 years and changing hundreds of lives, and based on some feedback and data analysis, we have better re-organised the program structure so maximum results can be seen in shorter duration. This also comes with reduced fee, so more people can take the benefit.

Are there any requirements to join?

Self-discipline, commitment, trust on your mentor and a little bit of patience. If you lack any of these, this program may not be a good fit for you.

Who is this program for?

Anyone between the age of 14 and 65 wishing to reach any of the health or fitness goals can join. Whether it is about losing or gaining weight, managing a disorder or a disease ranging from common acidity, digestion, migraine or constipation to hormonal problems like Thyroid, PCOD, Diabetes and even severe health conditions such as liver, kidney or cancer.

How is this program unique?

  • Focus on root cause, not on suppressing the symptoms
  • All healthcare experts under one team
  • No supplements or products to buy
  • Lifetime support*

I find this expensive. Why is the cost high?

This is a unique 4-month program where a team of professionals are going to work hard and be available to for you everyday to help you achieve your health goals. Our pricing is subjective to various factors. To make any good program available, there is a lot of skill, knowledge, time and investment that goes in. The value that you are going to get is worth a lot more than what you will pay. Moreover, think of this as an investment, not an expense. Because when you invest, you expect something in return, which is going to be your health and longevity in this case.

By changing the diet & making simple lifestyle changes, thousands of people we have worked with are now living a medicine free life, have lost weight permanently, and also saved the cost and hassle of major medical treatments.

If you are unable to invest the amount in one go, we may be able to help provide instalment options. Email info@dietinsight.in to express your interest and provide your full name, age, mobile number, location and profession. Our team will contact you.

Alternatively, you can join our standard diet & lifestyle consultation programs which are available at a lesser cost than this. For details, visit https://dietitianlavleen.com/how-we-work/

Can I pay in instalments?

Ideally, it is preferred that full program payment is paid at enrolment. However, if you have a credit card, you may select the EMI option during payment. Other instalment options may be available on case-to-case basis. Contact us via email to info@dietinsight.in or WhatsApp https://wa.me/919872617668 and express your interest.

How much weight will I lose?

A body can safely lose a few kilos and inches in a month, however weight loss is multi-factorial and results vary from person to person. It depends on your diet, medical history, activity level, stress levels, water intake, sleep patterns, mental health, mindset, belief and the trust level, just to name a few.

The weight will not bounce back as long as you remain self-disciplined. The diet plans that we design are not short-term diets that you follow for temporary results. Instead, it is a combination of diet and lifestyle plan, where we prescribe food which you can sustain for lifelong, and hence get permanent outcomes resulting in a lifestyle change. Make sure you set realistic goals before you embark on this journey with us.

How is the progress measured?

We measure results on the pretext of how you are feeling. For example:

  • How are the energy levels?
  • Are you feeling light?
  • Has the stamina or performance increased?
  • Are health parameters coming back in range?
  • Is immunity building up?

This is not to say that weight loss will not occur. It will, but we need to understand that weight loss is a by-product of healthy eating and lifestyle. So we don’t go just by the numbers on the weighing scale as it can easily demotivate you. A classic example is that when you lose fat, in most cases, you gain muscle mass at the same time (which is a good thing), but the weighing scale will not go down, and hence that number is not that important.

You can perform body composition analysis once in a month to keep track of progress. You can get that done from any nearby fitness centre or gym, although it is not necessary.

Every 2 weeks, we will have a scheduled consultation (telephonic) where we will discuss your feedback, results, difficulties, and ONLY then create your diet plan for the following week.

Will my disorder or disease get fully cured?

We aim at changing your lifestyle. It is a process which is going to take time and some effort from your side. Kindly do not expect some quick fix in treating Thyroid, PCOD/S or Diabetes, as it would be unrealistic. Lifestyle changes are about changing habits, hence do not expect miracles in a week’s or a month’s time. Diseases or disorders can absolutely be managed in all cases, and reversed in some cases with diet & lifestyle modifications as we focus on root cause rather than symptoms.

I am not in India. Can I still join this program?

Yes, you certainly can. This is a complete online program, and you can join from anywhere in the world. All communication, personal consultations and group sessions happen through our mobile app, WhatsApp or via Zoom. However, do note our availability hours are between 9:00am and 8pm IST, Mon-Sat. Do check the group sessions schedule as well to understand the time zone difference.

Do I need to get any tests done?

Yes, once you enroll and go through the first detailed consultation, your dedicated dietitian will share a list of required blood tests based on your goals and medical history. If the case is critical, your dietitian will involve the medical doctor in the team and take appropriate further actions.

Do I need to visit your clinic or anywhere else?

No, this is a complete online program, and all communication happens via the Diet Insight app, over the telephone or via Zoom. However, if you like to visit our Chandigarh clinic anytime throughout the program, you are most welcome. Book an appointment 3-4 days prior to your visit by calling 9870481482. Consultation fee will be applicable.

What if I am unable to attend any group session as per the fixed schedule?

You will be provided with the recording.

Important notes, T&C

  1. The time and effort we both put in is beneficial only if we are sincere to each other. While we are committed to putting our best foot forward in whatever we do, we expect the same from you. We would encourage you to set a high bar in commitment, honesty, respect and patience for yourself before embarking on this journey and keep at it throughout.
  2. We aim at changing your lifestyle. It is a process which is going to take time and some effort from your side. Kindly do not expect some quick fix in treating Thyroid, PCOD/S, Diabetes or other diseases or health problems as it would be unrealistic. Lifestyle changes are about changing habits, hence do not expect miracles in a week’s or a month’s time.
  3. We encourage you on asking questions to understand the logic behind everything being done and suggested. Our every recommendation has a valid reason, and we would be happy to share our knowledge with you. But please keep it restricted to that only. Challenging us to satisfy ego would only hamper the respectful and trustworthy relationship required between us and you for this effort to work.
  4. We believe on improving your health and heal your inner self through natural course, but if need be, we might recommend some dietary supplements if absolutely necessary.
  5. You commit to take responsibility for your own actions and understand that our experts/dietitians/doctors can only guide but cannot control what you consume vs what was prescribed.
  6. Weight loss: Your body can safely lose 2-3 kilos/inches in a month, and the fat you lose with us will not bounce back as long as you remain self-disciplined. Our diet plans are not short-term diet plans that you follow for temporary results. Instead, the food prescribed is which you can sustain for lifelong, and hence get permanent outcomes resulting in a lifestyle change.
  7. Payments: You agree to make full payment at the start of the program. For instalments, you may wish to use a credit card at your end or reach out to our team to explore other options for instalments.
  8. The enrolment for the Wellness program is subject to confirmation of payment by the applicant. The enrolment fees is non-refundable and non-transferrable for any reason on account of the applicant.
  9. Transfers: This program is non-transferable. It cannot be transferred to any other applicant under any circumstances.
  10. Holidays/weekly off policy: If there is a national holiday or weekly off, in that case response from Diet Insight experts or Operations team will get delayed. They will revert to member’s queries ASAP on the next working day.
  11. App Activation Time policy: From the time of enrolment, it will take 1 working day to activate the Diet Insight App.
  12. Cancellation and Refund policy:
    • Once you have paid for a program, the No Refund policy applies. Due to the nature of services involved, no refund is provided, under any circumstances. Likewise, any sums in respect of this programme that are not yet paid shall remain due.
    • Program Discontinuation policy: Once applicant has registered for Wellness program of 4 months and discontinued at any point of time due to any reason from the applicant’s end, Diet Insight will not be responsible for the same.
  13. Diet Insight reserves the right to remove anyone from the WhatsApp groups and from the Program (without any refund) for reasons mentioned hereafter (but not limited to)-
    • For using aggressive, disturbing, abusive or foul language towards any team member of Diet Insight (Doctor, Diet Expert, Exercise Expert, Group Managers, administrative staff etc).
    • Instigating other group members, creating negative energy or disturbing the learning, positive, peaceful environment in the group.
    • Forwarding content irrelevant to the purpose of the group.
  14. The member agrees that any material/audios/videos/PPT (if any) provided to the member during the Wellness Program is for the exclusive use of the member and shall not be used for any commercial use or shall not be shared with any third party for whatsoever purpose. If commercial use is done, it will invite legal action.
  15. Break/hold policy: The wellness program follows a scheduled approach for the group sessions for collective learning, and the schedule is fixed and cannot be changed. The schedule is available to you in advance, so the member can make arrangements for attendance well in advance. If the member misses any of the group sessions, recording can be obtained from the team.