5 Secrets You Need to Know to Boost Your Health Span

Have you ever wondered about the true benefits of a long life? But what’s the point of a long life without good health? Endless hospital visits and dependence on pills can make life long. But if it is worth it? In this blog post, we will discuss five simple things you can include in your life for a better health span. It ensures your health span matches your lifespan. If you aim for a longer and healthier life, your health should be your priority.

Here are the five secrets you need to know to boost your health span:

1. The Sugar Dilemma: A Sweet Balance

First and foremost, excessive sugar intake affects your health span. Whether in the form of refined or white sugar, it decreases your health span. Sugar impacts not only taste buds but also goes further. When sugar attacks your teeth, it causes cavities. When it enters your bloodstream, it shows in the form of elevated sugar levels. If it reaches your skin, it causes premature aging. Even your eyes are affected causing glaucoma. Excessive sugar causes sugar rushes, which disturbs your sleep patterns resulting in insomnia. When sugar spreads throughout your body, it can lead to the growth of cancer cells.

To boost your health span, as recommended by the best dietitian in India, the first step is reducing your sugar intake. While sweet words are delightful, an excess of sweet foods should be avoided. Homemade treats like kheer (rice pudding) or pudla ( pancakes ) are good occasionally. Daily dependence on bakery products and sugary tea is a sign of sugar dependency. It harms your health span. It’s time to reduce sugar in your diet, not in your speech. By doing so, you can improve your health.

2. Keep Your Phone at a Safe Distance

Keep Your Phone at a Safe Distance

Our smartphones have become a part of our lives. Keep your phone at a safe distance from your body for a better health span. Don’t be attached to the phone but to the people around you. I’ve noticed that some older individuals, some of our elders have a habit of keeping their phones near sensitive areas of their bodies. However, I’ve understood that the electromagnetic waves emitted by phones tend to reduce your health span. When you use your phone, keep it in a separate purse rather than in your pocket. Carrying your phone in your hands and experiencing vibrations when it rings suddenly disturbs the energy frequencies in our bodies. It disturbs your endocrine system. Even when you charge your phone at night, keep it at least six meters away from you. Your body recharges at night. Keeping your phone at a distance allows your endocrine and hormonal systems to naturally heal and recover. It’s a small change, but it can make a big difference in maintaining our health span.

3. From Overthinking to Mindfulness: Focus on What Matters

Constant overthinking decreases your health span as it keeps your brain overworked and unable to relax. You have to consciously decide to think less and focus more. The key is to  decide to take a break from thinking, even if it’s for five minutes. When we first attempt this, it’s common for thousands of thoughts to flood our minds. We can train our minds and challenge them again and again to focus only on our breath. Connecting with our breath and finding a sense of oneness with it can improve our health span. Reducing overthinking leads to improved attention, concentration, and mindfulness, leading to a longer, healthier life.

4. Stand Up for Your Health: Say No to a Sedentary Lifestyle

Stand Up for Your Health Say No to a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting for long periods can harm your health span. A sedentary lifestyle makes your liver sluggish and slows down kidney function. It also affects blood circulation throughout your body. Your hormonal balance also suffers. It’s better to stand than sit all day long. Use standing tables to stand more. It helps to balance your life and have a proper posture. It also improves your heart rate, boosts your heart stamina, and enhances blood circulation. To improve your health span, choose to stand more and sit less.

5. Expand Your Lungs: Breath for a Better Life

Expand Your Lungs Breath for a Better Life

We always focus on expanding our work, but it’s important to expand our lungs for a healthier life. If you spend long hours sloughing over a laptop, your lung capacity might decrease. It harms your health span. To overcome this set reminders on your smartwatch or phone to take regular, deep breaths. Even a few seconds of deep breathing matters. Taking a deep breath for five seconds can expand your lungs, providing your cells with energy and improving your oxygen supply. The better your lungs function, the healthier and longer your health span will be.


This is a simple formula for being a superhuman being. These five simple changes can help you become a superhuman and architect of your own life. Follow these small steps gradually, and watch your days, months, and years improve. It ultimately leads to a better life with a better health span.

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