Ideal For

  • Losing few extra kilos
  • Getting in shape
  • Skin glow

Pre- Wedding

How it Works

Whether you just want to lose that extra fat on your tummy or want a natural charming and glowing skin for your special day, this diet package is for you.

This special program is designed to help you lose up to 6 kg of weight and improve your skin texture with the power of healthy food and nutrition. No medicines or supplements!

Apart from this, your body and mind will also feel healthy like never before.

  • No. 1 healthiest diet program
  • 99.9% success rate *Your commitment is essential*
  • Consult with Dt. Lavleen directly (in person or on-phone)
  • Safe and permanent weight loss
  • Weekly calls/visits. Excellent any-time support.
  • 100% customized diet plans; no pre-defined or fixed diets
  • Homely and traditional food; no crash dieting
  • Only real food; no pills or supplements
  • Long-term sustainable diets
  • Learn portion control. No need for kitchen scale.
  • Special recipes e-book approved by Dt. Lavleen
  • Portion-Control guide to assist you learn how much to eat
  • Eat-Out guide to assist when you’re travelling or at a party
  • Grocery and seasonal foods reference guides
  • Maintenance diet plan at the end of program

How to get started in 5 easy steps?

Pricing & Packages

1 month



you just want to try it out

2 months



you are committed and wish to achieve a goal

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