Top 3 FAQs by Parents on Kids Nutrition
by Lavleen Kaur
As parents, we have great concerns about our children's nutrition. This blog post is for all fathers, and mothers– for all the parents out there. For parents, children's well-being is always a matter of concern.
Must Know Facts For a Healthy Heart
by Lavleen Kaur
“Dil Diyan Gallan Kare” —Let's have a heartfelt conversation about heart. Every year 29th of September is observed as World Heart Day, to raise awareness about heart health. Our heart beats day and night, 24*7 to keep us alive.
dietitian lavleen kaur practicing breathwork
by Lavleen Kaur
Meditation, to me, is about being entirely present in the current moment. Whether you're engaged in a conversation, attentively listening, choosing your words thoughtfully, playing with kids and getting lost in their world, or even cooking with complete mindfulness, or working on your laptop with complete FOCUS – all these moments are forms of Meditation.