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Someone once asked, “What is meditation?

Meditation, to me, is about being entirely present in the current moment.

Whether you’re engaged in a conversation, attentively listening, choosing your words thoughtfully, playing with kids and getting lost in their world, or even cooking with complete mindfulness, or working on your laptop with complete FOCUS – all these moments are forms of Meditation.

Being present physically as well as mentally at the moment is Meditation for me.

While many associate Meditation with closing their eyes, adopting specific postures, and chanting mantras like ‘OM’, the truth is, meditation is woven into your entire day if you’re working with Focus.

It’s not just about a designated session; it’s about how you immerse yourself in every task, big or small, with undivided Focus.

Imagine, the more intense your focus, the deeper your meditation.

But, of course, this requires energy – the energy to be present, attentive, and engaged throughout the day.

That’s why today, I want to share five things I do daily to keep my energy up.

Challenge Alert: I challenge you to try these for a week – just follow these five practices regularly. By the end of seven days, I’m sure you’ll see the difference for yourself.

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So, here are my five secret daily habits for boosting your energy and making your immune system stronger.

1. Mindfully Embracing Nature with Focus and Gratitude:

The moment you wake up, use your eyes to truly see the world around you. Look up at the sky, admire the trees, and acknowledge the sun.

We often move on autopilot, recognizing the sun, trees, and sky, but the key is to be present and consciously observe every minute detail. Notice how the leaves are more greener during the monsoon – focus on these intricate details.

As you bow down to the sun, remember the phrases

“Aad Guray Nameh”

“Jugaad Guray Nameh,”

which means bowing to the primal wisdom and the wisdom of all ages.

This signifies your gratitude for being alive and present in this moment.

Even when you see ordinary objects like furniture, take a moment to appreciate the type of wood used and the work done. Express thanks to those who made it possible.

In short, avoid dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Instead, be fully present in the moment.

Focus on one thing at a time – let your eyes be your guide to this meditative state. Incorporate this practice throughout the day, every time you’re reminded to do so. Whether you’re looking at leaves or a piece of furniture, use this as an opportunity to shift your attention to the present moment.

This practice is a form of meditation that brings clarity and presence to your day.

2. Mindful Breathwork:

Throughout your day, take moments to consciously Tune into your breath. Begin your day with this focus, repeat it at intervals, and end your day with it.

Let’s give it a shot right now.

Direct your attention to your breath for 5-10 seconds.

Gradually, your focus will shift to the movements of your belly as you breathe, the rise and fall of your chest, and the sensation in your nose.

This is the goal: To pay attention to your breathing process.

Practice this multiple times a day, regularly. This act is a form of meditation too.

To meditate, you must be fully aware and mindful of your breath’s rhythm.

As you delve into your inner breath, you’ll find yourself becoming less affected by the external chaos around you.

Explaining this sensation in words might be challenging, but as you engage in Conscious Breath Awareness mindfully daily, you’ll begin to experience it.

With time, it will become clearer and more meaningful to you.

3. Mindfully Tune into Surrounding Sounds:

When things get stressful/ hectic or you’re in a rush, take a quick pause. Listen to the sounds around you for just a second or two.

Let the honk of a car, the click of a laptop, or the buzz of the kitchen sink in.

By focusing on these sounds, you’re bringing your attention to the present moment. It’s like bringing your Ears into a calm, meditative state.

Try doing this a few times during the day. It’s like giving a boost to your listening skills. And remember, while you’re doing this, you’re not concentrating on your thoughts, but you’re in tune with the sounds around you.

4. Mindfully Feel the Earth:

Get in touch with the Earth’s energy as many times as you can. Feel the nature beneath your feet – be it grass or soil. Feel the connection and embrace the soothing sensation and oneness.

Even indoors, you can do this. Just take off your slippers and let your feet touch the floor. This simple act shifts you into a meditative state.

As your feet make contact with the ground, you’ll sense the vibrations, and your focus will be drawn to that sensation, anchoring you in the present moment. It’s like being present right there.

Using your Sense of Touch to stay mindful is an amazing meditation technique. It’s about being in the moment, no matter where you are.

5. Savor Mindful Eating:

When you eat, be fully present and appreciate the food you’ve got. Take a second to feel thankful for it.

Shift your focus to chewing. Pay attention to how slowly you’re chewing, and be aware of the process. It’s not just about chewing 32 times; it’s about connecting with your body – feeling your saliva mix with the food.

While you eat, visualize this process, even if your meal takes a bit longer, like 5 to 10 minutes.

With each bite, redirect your attention to chewing and relishing the flavors.

This Mindfulness while eating makes your meal more satisfying and nourishing.

And if you’re seeking more guidance on cultivating mindful eating habits, consider scheduling an online diet consultation with a leading dietitian in India. This Mindfulness while eating makes your meal more satisfying and nourishing.

These practices I’ve shared with you follow every single day, multiple times a day, for a whole week – that’s the challenge I’m throwing your way.

  • Mindfully Embracing Nature with focus and gratitude: Let your eyes take a break and meditate a bit. Pick any object and give it your undivided focus for 10, 20, or even 30 seconds – whatever is comfortable for you.
  • Mindful Breathwork: Pause and pay attention to your breath. It’s like a one-way ticket to the present moment.
  • Mindfully Tune into  Surrounding Sounds:Tune into the sounds around you. What’s the world saying?
  • Mindfully Feel the Earth: Feel the Earth beneath you. It’s like a direct line to good vibes – whether it’s grass, soil, or the floor itself.
  • Savour Mindful Eating:When you eat, do it mindfully. Let your saliva combine with every chew, and really soak in those flavors.

So, remember, this isn’t a one-time thing. Follow these practices daily, multiple times over a week so see the difference.

Bonus Step:

Now, let’s merge these practices into a daily routine. At night or in the early morning, lie down in a comfortable position, like the Shavasana pose, and Scan your Full Body. It’s your chance to give your body some attention.

Start relaxation from your head and gently travel down through your body, one part/organ at a time – your nose, your eyes, and all the way to your toes. As you do this, send a message to each body part: “Relax, we’re in a peaceful space.

It’s like a friendly reminder for your body to unwind and let go.

And guess what? This is also another form of meditation.

For anyone who says, “Meditation’s not my thing,” this is a gateway for you. You’re not chanting ‘Om’ or floating on clouds.

You’re diving into each sense – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and even your skin – and telling them, “Be in the present and not in the past or future.”

Give it a shot for a week, and I can’t wait to hear how it transforms your energy and outlook.

Once you start experiencing inner peace, you might just find yourself reaching out to me with a confident “It’s working!”

Experience the calm and joy that comes with being present in every moment.

Good luck! You’ve got to experience this bliss.

Avatar photoLavleen Kaur

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