Among the many questions I receive about my dietary habits, there’s one that stands out – “ What do I eat daily? What is my dietary routine?” While I can’t detail every aspect, I’m glad to share the five must-have foods that are an integral part of my life, especially as a dietitian in Chandigarh. These are five Must-have foods that I simply can’t live without. Besides, we will also share secrets of staying consistent with these choices. In this article, we are dealing with one of the frequently asked questions by my Facebook community [ 10 years ] as well as my Instagram followers [ 2 years ].

Here are 5 Must-have Foods that I simply Can't Live Without.
Dietitian Lavleen

1. Coconut - The Perfect Morning Kickstart

Coconut, whether fresh or dry, is a great addition to your daily routine. When fresh coconut isn’t available, I always have coconut slices at hand. It’s like a perfect start to the day –Shri Ganesh. It’s like a sacred ritual like the tradition of breaking a coconut to begin something auspicious in our culture.

In the morning, I usually ask you to start your day with Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil. But, starting the day by eating coconut is like seeking the blessings of Shri Ganesh for an amazing start.

Coconut is packed with monosaturated fatty acids.

  • It provides our bodies with healthy fats that do wonders for our well-being.
  • It provides the necessary lubrication,
  • Helps manage your energy levels,
  • It is a superfood for your skin and hair.

For me, that first slice of coconut in the morning is like receiving ‘prasad,something I’m addicted to. As soon as I wake up, my day begins with this nourishing ritual. If you have thyroid issues, it can assist in managing them. So, I make it a point to consume coconut as the very first thing in the morning. It’s like a divine start to my day.

2. Dates - The Instant Energy Booster

Dates are my go-to choice for restoring energy levels, especially before or after a yoga session. They not only provide a quick energy boost but also reduce sugar cravings. These sweet delights are packed with dietary fiber, keeping you away from feeling constipated.

Whether you’re concerned about diabetes or weight loss, the key is moderation. Given their natural sweetness, it’s a valid concern. 

It’s all about when and how you consume them.

Two dates are enough for those on a weight loss journey. As for diabetes, it depends on your specific condition. If you’re pre-diabetic or maintaining a normal sugar level, dates are safe to enjoy. But, if you are having uncontrolled diabetes it’s best to avoid it. In everyday life, dates act as a fantastic pre or post-workout energy booster. Even the athletes keep them within their reach to get an instant boost of energy when needed. Dates also serve as an immediate source of energy and provide a good dose of iron.

Thanks to dates, my morning starts without sugar cravings, and I stay sugar-free all day. For winter Dates are best. Soaked Figs ( Anjeer ) or Raisins make the perfect summer alternative.

So, not only are dates delicious, but they’re also a natural energizer and a fantastic way to combat sugar cravings – an essential part of my daily routine I can’t live without.

3. Flaxseeds - Omega-3 Powerhouse

Flaxseeds, in powdered form, are a daily addition to my morning yogurt. One teaspoon of roasted powdered flaxseeds fulfills your daily omega-3 fatty acid needs. It fulfills the needed essential antioxidants. Many have found it beneficial for maintaining healthy hair.

4. Lemon - The Alkaline Booster

I include lemon in my daily routine by soaking it in water and consuming it 30 minutes after eating. Soaking the lemon with the peel provides phosphorous and minimizes acidity. Including a lemon in this way aids in iron absorption and manages hydrochloric acid ( HCL ) levels. Lemon is alkaline when it leaves the body, so it doesn’t contribute to acidity. But, if citrus foods don’t suit you, opt for plain water instead. It’s all about understanding what your body needs. After 30 minutes post-meal, I feel thirsty and feel like having a lemon so that my food gets digested. By God’s Grace, I have never felt what actually Acidity is owing to my dietary routine.

5. Fennel Seeds [Saunf]- The Digestive Aid

Having Fennel seeds or Saunf is a nightly ritual for me. I keep them by the window and make sure to consume them before bedtime. It helps with morning bowel movements and aids digestion. It releases digestive enzymes post-dinner and reduces sugar cravings. Including fennel seeds in your nightly routine signals the end of the day’s digestion. It ensures you don’t need to eat anything more.

Incorporating coconut in the morning and fennel seeds at night needs to be programmed into your daily life. This consistency helps your body adapt and ensures you’re on track.

How Can You Be Consistent

But how can you maintain this consistency? Consistency is key to success, and I want to share some thoughts on it.

First, remember that consistency isn’t about perfection. You don’t have to do everything perfectly every day. Some days you’ll do great, and others not so much, and that’s okay. What matters is practice. The more you practice, the more it becomes a part of you, like a good kind of addiction.

Consistency – it’s all about practice and programming, and yes, it can even become a kind of addiction. The more we engage with it, the more it imprints on our minds. Eventually, it becomes a part of us.

In the end, consistency is about showing up regularly. It’s self-discipline, becoming so used to your routine that you can’t skip it without feeling like something’s missing. This applies to workouts and even getting up early.

To stay consistent, make it a habit to do something at the same time each day. Dedicate 2, 3, or 5 minutes daily at the same spot. Just Show up daily. Even if you can’t do a full workout, spend a few minutes at your spot. It may not be much, but it keeps your practice alive in your mind.

Consistency is a powerful motivator.


Give these five food items a try on a daily basis. Remember, it might work differently for each person. These are general guidelines that have helped me, and I hope they help you too.

Stay blessed.

Avatar photoLavleen Kaur

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