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Diabetes is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States
[Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].

We know about different powders that our grandparents used to keep with themselves. Which helped them for maintenance of their blood glucose levels. But, when we think about recovery of diabetes, it’s quite uncertain.

Powdered cinnamon, Neem or bitter gourd all alone are not able to maintain our glycemic levels!!!

What is Diabetes?

Most of us even don’t know completely about diabetes, even some of us may be not aware its types. Type 1 diabetes, in which cells of pancreas fail partially or completely to produce insulin. Then the most common, Type 2 diabetes. In this case, pancreas produce insulin, but body cells develop resistance.

As a result, blood glucose levels are disturbed from equilibrium. Unregulated or abrupt glucose levels can be open invitation to numerous diseases.

How to maintain Diabetes?

So, what can we do to regulate our blood glucose levels? Two most important factors responsible for maintaining diabetes are:

  • A well balanced diet with proper time management
  • Healthy lifestyle

Dietary tips for maintenance:

  • There is a myth that a diabetic cannot eat fruits. The fact is fruits can help a lot in maintaining glucose levels, when eaten at right time, i.e., in the morning. Avoid fruit juices completely. Because, fiber content in juice is negligible and it can spike your blood glucose level.
  • Have balanced meals with adequate amount of fiber and protein. You can have controlled quantity of rice (white or brown). Along with that, a good amount of veggies or dal. It helps to absorb amino acids effectively.
  • Avoid fried potato. Go with boiled potato with right amount of fibrous foods like vegetables.
  • Paneer, tofu. eggs and chicken contributes to the protein content.
  • Dinner should be before 3 hours to bed.

Dietary add-ons:

  • Fenugreek water (methre ka pani)
  • garlic in the morning
  • cloves after meal
  • turmeric with bitter gourd and neem leaves powder.

Lifestyle management

Walking is the best way for regulating glucose levels. Yoga and strength training should also be included in daily routine. Strength training helps to increase your muscle and bone mass. That ultimately, regulates your blood glucose levels. With these, sound sleep of 7-8 hours is must.

One should prefer plant based diet rather than animal based diet. Animal based diet produces toxins, as a result, kidneys’ workload increase. Also, should be avoided above ages of 50.

Diabetes can be very dangerous to our health if not managed properly. It’s not a disease, it’s just a condition of body, in which it is unable to use glucose and insulin properly. So, with help of a balanced diet and active lifestyle one can deal with this condition very easily.

Need a diet plan?

Diet and lifestyle modifications are required to maintain, cure and prevent diabetes. For personalized advice and diet plans, click here!

Watch a video on diabetes prevention and cure

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7 Replies to “Diabetes and its regulation with healthy diet”

  1. Thanks very useful information for diabetes. I am on the border line ffom last 5 years. Now my dr started Metaformine 500 mg one pill in the morning and 1/1/2 in the evening.But my cholesterol is high. If you give me some remedies for that i will really appreciate that. Thanks

    1. Avatar photo

      High cholesterol could be because of Vit D deficiency. So keep a check on Vit D levels.
      According to your text it seems like you are pre-dibateic so work on intake of wholesome high fiber diet like less gluten (wheat only 30%) and exclude dairy.

  2. My mom is a very high diabetic patient, this blog will surely help her to get her sugar level to normal, I will surely pass this blog to her for her to keep her diabetes in check and maintain a good health

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