Consumption of local produce and seasonal fruits leads to regulated blood sugar, which further optimize the functioning of all organs, making a person feel energetic as opposed to dull and lethargic.

Fructose in sugar, allows steady blood sugar levels which controls acidity and keep tea or coffee cravings at bay. The more food travels, the less nutrients it has. All fruits have FRUCTOSE, so it does not matter that you are eating a mango over an apple.

Best time to have fruits?

Early morning is the best time to have them. Do not consume these immediately after a meal or with a meal, as this would disturb the sugar levels and fructose in fruits converts into glucose and turns to fat. Some of them like an unripe litchi have certain enzymes which are toxic and should not be consumed empty stomach.

Citrus ones may cause acidity in some people whose PH level is on higher side so they should avoid citrus in morning, for example – oranges. Before bed: milk, nuts or herbal teas are better than fruits to calm hunger cravings. But in case nothing is available, do not starve and enjoy them as a healthy option.

Fruit juice, shakes or smoothies?

Converting anything into juice, shake or smoothie robs it of antioxidants. Besides, high levels of fructose in the body can lead to cardiovascular disease and other problems. Prefer raw over blended fruits.

How much?

Depends on your appetite. 1 apple is digested within 20 mins and this much quantity is enough (with a handful of nuts) before a workout for example. Fill your stomach by 80% , do not overeat. Moderation is the key.

Fruits for weight loss/skin?

These are not a magic that will lead to weight loss. It really depends on how much and and at what time you are eating it. Eg.- mango or banana consumed with a meal leads to fat gain; same fruit in the morning helps with a bloat free stomach.

Include more colors in your diet and watch your skin glow! So include all of them.

Weight Loss Fruits

Fruit for Diabetics?

Eat all the seasonal and locally available fruits even if you have DIABETES as the FRUCTOSE will eventually manage your sugar.


If taken in large amount on empty stomach, these can cause acidity, interfere with glucose metabolism and lower down blood sugar levels. So, always take care of your portion size, while eating anything.

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  1. Can we eat fruits in the early morning? Generally we take tea and coffee.

    1. Avatar photo

      Yes you can have fruit in morning.
      Avoid tea and coffee empty stomach.

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