Post pregnancy weight loss

About 70% women, who have conceived, are troubled by the thought of gaining weight after pregnancy…

How to avoid putting excess weight during pregnancy

  • Eat small meals frequently, every two-three hours
  • Avoid too much sugar. Consume things that have natural sugar like fruits, dates, honey, etc.
  • Take what your body craves for, but in moderation
  • Drink enough water
  • Continue routine work like cleaning, cooking, climbing stairs, etc.
  • One must exercise regularly, albeit in a controlled manner

pregnancy weight loss

Steps to lose weight post-pregnancy

  • Start with light walks for about 15-20 minutes daily
  • Begin Yoga six weeks onwards, focusing on the pelvic area
  • Use an abdominal binder to help bring the tummy back to shape
  • Breast feed as one can lose up to 500 calories in a day
  • Take the baby out for a stroll in a pram
  • Eat in moderation
  • Keep yourself well-hydrated

Mistakes new moms make

  • Expect results to soon
  • Crash dieting
  • Hitting the gym without permission from the gynecologist
  • Follow a stringent exercise schedule
  • Neglecting strength training and focusing more on cardio exercises
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