nuts and seeds benefits
by Lavleen Kaur
Handful of nuts and seeds are great to have an energy filled day. But the question is how to consume them. Nuts and seeds should be soaked overnight before consumption.
sugar cravings during lockdown
by Lavleen Kaur
Can't get over sugar cravings? If you are binging more on chocolate, cookies and cakes during the COVID-19 lockdown, here are top tips to help you stop sugar cravings and stay healthy.
Lavleen Kaur dietitian post pregnancy
by Lavleen Kaur
Post Pregnancy Weight Loss is the one most in demand, and the most stressed upon.
So much, that women these days start looking for losing weight tricks and tips even before giving birth. It must be kept in mind that your body has developed a human life for 9 months, and then given birth to it. The amount of changes it has gone through during that time is immense.