Holistic Nutrition Mastery Course

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Advanced nutrition training program cum course by dietitian Lavleen Kaur

Holistic Nutrition Mastery

An advanced 4-month course in Nutrition and Disease management

holistic nutrition course by lavleen kaur dietitian final

“Become a certified Holistic Nutrition Expert👩🏻‍⚕️🌟: Unlock the Power of Holistic Healing with Food & Lifestyle as Medicine!🍏💪”

▶ Graduated yet lost in the nutrition/dietetics career?
▶ Looking for practical, real-world knowledge?
▶ Wish to master disease management?
▶ Want a hands-on internship with personal mentorship?
▶ Feeling undervalued or overwhelmed?

You’re Not Alone! Let’s begin or re-ignite your career

Level: Advanced/Professional

Fee: 30,000 or 8,000 per month

Why choose this course?

Get on a journey to transform lives

  • Root Cause Analysis: Learn to identify and address the underlying causes of health issues.
  • Holistic Approach: Emphasis on using food and lifestyle as tools for healing and wellness.
  • Experienced Instructors: Learn Medical Nutrition Therapy from the seasoned professionals at Diet Insight Clinic.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Study a range of topics from basic nutritional principles to advanced therapeutic interventions.
  • Theory-Practice Integration: Balanced focus on both academic learning and practical application.
  • Hands-On Training: Engage in real-world scenarios to build confidence and competence.
  • Long-Standing Expertise: Benefit from our 14+ years of experience in nutrition and dietetics.
  • Evolving Educational Methods: Course content that keeps pace with current industry trends.
  • Transformative Case Studies: Over 25,000 lives positively impacted, including challenging cases.
  • Mentorship and Testimonials: Learn from mentors who have made significant impacts in their clients’ lives.
  • Foundational Knowledge: Modules on Introduction to Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology, and Absorption.
  • Specialized Topics: Includes Mindful Eating, Food Synergy, and Trends in Nutrition.
  • Health Focus Areas: Detailed study of Gut Health, Inflammation, Immunity, Detox, and more.
  • Disease Management: In-depth coverage of Obesity, PCOD/S, Thyroid Disorders, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, and Heart Health.
  • Analytical Skills: Training in interpreting blood test reports and other diagnostic tools.

Meet our instructors

The dedicated Nourish Masters

Dr Shruti Bhardwaj
Masters in Diabetes care, PGD. Nutrition and Dietetics, BAMS | Experience: 10+ years - Lifetime member IDA, Guest speaker at University of Salford, England
Parul Arora
M.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics - Over 10 years of experience as Independent consultant & Diet Counselor | Therapeutic counseling specialist
Pankhuri Purnima
Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics - Public Health Advocate | Functional Nutrition Specialist & Expertise in Blood Chemistry Analysis | Experience: 8+ years

Course format & schedule

The 'when' and 'how'


4 months

Live interactive classes on alternate days for 4 months


Live Online Classes

2-hour classes; detailed study material access via Student Portal


Start dates

Starting July 1st week


Batch options

11am to 1pm (TBA)

Level: Advanced/Professional

Fee: 30,000 or 8,000 per month

Course modules

Discover 15 enlightening modules to supercharge your knowledge journey💡

  • Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition
  • Traditional vs Holistic Nutrition
  • Food labels vs Natural Food
  • Exploring Holistic Nutrition: An Advanced Perspective
  • Carbohydrates: The Body’s Energizer
  • Proteins: The building block of life
  • Fats: Energy Reservoir
  • Fat soluble & Water soluble vitamins
  • Omega fatty acids
  • How healthy fats work?
  • Why Unhealthy sources of fats need to be avoided
  • RDA’s and AI’s
  • Relation of anatomy with nutrition
  • Relation of physiology with nutrition
  • Digestion and Nutrient Absorption
  • Nutrient Absorption Process
  • How the nutrient absorption occurs
  • How the liver helps in nutrient metabolism
  • Gut Health and Nutrient Absorption
  • How Inflammation Impacts Nutrient Absorption
  • Role of Foods in Nutrient Absorption
  • How Enzymes help in Nutrient Absorption
  • Macro and Micro nutrient absorption
  • The Key Principles of Mindful Eating 
  • Why Embrace Mindful Eating? 
  • 3 ways to practice mindful eating
  • How prolonged screen and gadget use affect hormones? 
  • Mindful Eating Perspective
  • Food synergy – interrelation between foods 
  • What is Food Synergy? 
  • Importance in Nutritional Science 
  • How Different Nutrients Work Together for better Health 
  • Some examples of Food Synergy 
  • Avoid These Bad Food Combination
  • Myths Regarding Foods
  • How Food Synergy Benefits in Diet
  • Diet Industry Trends 
  • Quick Fixes and Promises 
  • Supplements vs Natural foods
  • Emphasis on Physical appearance 
  • Diet Fads 
  • Raw, Vegan, Low-calorie diets
  • Detox, Mono, Gym, Keto diets
  • The right approach
  • Quality of Nutrients 
  • Long-Term Health, sustainability 
  • Balanced Eating Patterns 
  • Satiety and Hunger Management
  • Lifestyle change approach 
  • Nutrient Density (food groups, food pyramid)
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  • Healing Properties (herbs, spices, food groups)
  • Individualized Approach
  • Whole and Natural Foods
  • Principles of Gut Health
  • Relation between gut health and nutrient absorption 
  • Immune System Support 
  • Mind-Gut Connection 
  • Gut inflammation and diseases 
  • What does it take to achieve good gut health? 
  • Acute vs Chronic Inflammation
  • Acute Inflammation: A Protective Response
  • Managing inflammation
  • Acute Inflammation: The Body’s Immediate Response
  • Chronic Inflammation: A Silent Threat
  • Symptoms that things are going wrong
  • How do you diagnose chronic inflammation? 
  • Problems/disorders caused by chronic inflammation
  • Treatment with diet and lifestyle
  • Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  • How the immune system works 
  • Innate & Adaptive Immunity 
  • Antibodies 
  • Immune Response 
  • What compromises the immunity? 
  • Poor gut flora 
  • Lack of sleep 
  • Chronic stress 
  • Sedentary/indoor lifestyle 
  • Improper breathing 
  • Overeating/frequent meals 
  • Nutrition to improve the immune system 
  • Autoimmunity 
  • What is cleansing and why there is a need? 
  • Understanding Nutritional Cleansing
  • The Debate Around Cleansing
  • Types of cleansing and the benefits 
  • Colon cleansing 
  • Liver cleansing 
  • Kidney Cleansing 
  • Lung cleansing 
  • Cleansing through sustainable ways 
  • Do you really need detox?
  • Natural detoxification vs marketed detox!
  • How does your body detoxify itself?
  • Role of liver, kidney, and other organs in detox.
  • BMI or BCA (fat %, muscle mass, etc.) 
  • Does calorie count matter? 
  • Weight loss vs fat loss 
  • Truth about weight loss. What we have learnt over the last decade? 
  • Management through diet and lifestyle 
  • Weight loss diet plans 
  • Muscle building diet plans 
  • Lifestyle factors 
  • Exercise / Physical activity 
  • Hydration 
  • Mental health / Inner Wellness 
  • Sleep 
  • Stress management 
  • The need in Therapeutic nutrition
  • Interpretation & Reference ranges
  • Blood test Markers
  • CBC
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Iron profile
  • Glucose Profile
  • Lipid Profile
  • Liver Panel
  • Kidney Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Hormonal tests
  • What is PCOD/S and how it is caused?
  • Formation of cyst & role of hormones
  • Central Regulation of PCOS
  • Action of AMH – Anti Mullerian Hormone
  • PCOD vs PCOS
  • Medical tests and diagnosis
  • Physiological changes in PCOS
  • Types of PCOS
  • Treatment strategy & superfoods
  • Additional nutritional interventions
  • Milk and PCOS
  • Things to avoid
  • Thyroid hormones
  • The mechanism
  • Imbalance in thyroid hormones
  • Disorders of Thyroid
  • Hypo vs Hyper Thyroid
  • Medical Tests & Diagnosis
  • Causes of imbalance
  • Relation between DHEA and Thyroid
  • Effects of Thyroid disorder on body
  • What happens in Fat metabolism in hypothyroidism
  • Lifestyle and diet improvements
  • Trigger foods & Superfoods for Thyroid
  • Basics of Diabetes DM Type 2
  • Types & Pathophysiology
  • Common symptoms
  • Medical tests & diagnosis
  • Pancreas and insulin
  • Insulin resistance
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Impact of lifestyle, Dawn’s phenomenon
  • Polyuria & Cortisol
  • Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load
  • Dietary and Nutritional Factors
  • Superfoods and herbs for Diabetes
  • Lifestyle interventions
  • Debunking myths on rice, fruits & artificial sugar
  • Introduction to BP
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure
  • Factors affecting blood pressure
  • How body regulates blood pressure
  • How does renal system affect Blood pressure?
  • Action of RAS on low Blood Pressure
  • Relation between CKD and Hypertension
  • Identifying symptoms
  • Tests & diagnosis
  • Superfoods & herbal remedies
  • Lifestyle interventions
  • Hypotension – causes, symptoms & treatment
  • Importance of Cardiovascular Health
  • Vascular disease
  • Cardiac disease
  • Common effects of Cardiovascular disease
  • Risk factors for CVDs
  • Non – modifiable Risk Factors
  • Modifiable Risk Factors
  • Symptoms
  • Tests & Diagnosis
  • Dietary approach & Superfoods
  • Lifestyle interventions
  • Herbal remedies
💡Exciting Bonus Modules📚
Lavleen Kaur, dietitian, clinical nutritionist

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We know what's on your mind, so here are the answers!

Who is this course designed for?

  • Aspiring nutritionists, health/lifestyle coaches
  • Nutrition/Dietetics graduates
  • Healthcare, Wellness & Fitness professionals
  • Candidates with strong interest in science

What is the eligibility criteria to enroll in this course?

Preferably, a valid degree, diploma or certificate in nutrition/dietetics/healthcare/fitness/bio-tech/science field, or a strong zeal and commitment to learn and excel in this field for continuous professional development.

Not sure? Submit your application. Our team will review your details, and get back to you.

How can I apply?

Click here to apply.

Our team will review your details, and share the application outcome within a couple of hours.

What is the course duration?

The duration of base course is 4 months. Live classes are conducted on alternate days.

However, if optional advanced modules or internship is opted, additional time will be required, and the duration will become around 5 months.

Is this a certified course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of training by Diet Insight at successful completion, signed by chief dietitian – Lavleen Kaur.

Note: This training program/course has been uniquely crafted by Lavleen and her skilled team of health experts and dietitians. It encapsulates the vast expertise and experience we’ve accumulated over the last decade, during which we’ve positively impacted countless lives worldwide.

Our goal is to provide foundational knowledge and practical skills in health and wellness, fostering both personal and professional development within the industry. Please note, this course is an independent initiative by our team and does not hold affiliations with any universities or educational bodies.

Will we get any study material or portal access?

Yes! You will have access to Student Portal wherein detailed PDF guides/notes, live class recordings and tests will be available.

This will be a great companion for your reference, practice and self-study. Portal access will be available to you for lifetime.

What is the fee for this course?

The base course fee for 4 months is INR 30,000. Additional fee will be applicable if advanced modules or internship is opted, and the duration will become around 5 months.

Is financial assistance available?

We offer flexible payment options, making our program accessible to individuals from diverse financial backgrounds. No-cost EMI is available on all credit cards, and some debit cards.

What is the difficulty level of this course?

It begins with an aim to brush up the fundamentals, and then gradually takes a deep dive into advanced treatments and healing. Optionally, further advanced level modules are available for those who wish to become a pro!

What if I can't attend live classes? Can I still do the course?

Yes, you still can follow the course at your own pace. The Student Portal allows you to access all course material, class recordings, tests and measure your progress without a hassle! For support, you can send your queries or doubts to the instructor via WhatsApp or email.

Will the classes be recorded?

Yes, the live classes will be recorded and the videos will have lifetime access to you via the Student Portal.

However, we strongly recommend not to miss any live class unless there is an unavoidable situation.

I am not in India. Can I still join this course?

Yes, you certainly can! This is a complete online training program, and you can enroll from anywhere in the world. All communication occurs via the Student Portal.

Do check the course schedule and timings carefully to understand the time zone difference. If you cannot attend live online classes, you can do the course at your own pace by watching videos, studying the material, and appearing in tests yourself via the portal.

Is this an Internship?

Internship is available as an additional add-on. It is not included as a part of the base course duration or fee. One must enroll in this course to be eligible to enroll for the internship.

  • 1-month hands-on Internship
  • Includes live case handling observations and training by senior dietitians at Diet Insight.

Available options:

  • Mode: Online or Offline
    With: Lavleen or team

Can I balance this course with my current commitments?

Absolutely! Our flexible learning format seamlessly integrates with your busy schedule. Multiple batches/timings are available. Classes run on alternate days.

Class video recordings are provided with lifetime access.

How will this course help in my career?

  • Become a recognized expert in holistic disease management
  • Showcase your certificate for better career opportunities
  • Heal people and earn blessings, not just money
  • Get a chance to work with Diet Insight

Not sure? We’re here to help!

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  • Call us

For enquiries, contact:

Phone: +919870481482
WhatsApp: +919872617668
Email: info@dietinsight.in


What you must know!

This training program/course is not designed to qualify participants as dietitians or to use the title of a dietitian. Becoming a legitimate dietitian or nutritionist requires a minimum of five years of formal education at a recognized college or university. This typically includes pursuing advanced degrees such as a Master’s in Food & Nutrition, Food Science, or Dietetics, complemented by a practical internship in a hospital setting.

Additionally, it is advisable to pass the national Registered Dietitian (RD) examination to achieve professional recognition in this field.

Please note that our program does not support or advocate for short-term crash courses that claim to certify individuals as dietitians in an unrealistic timeframe. Our aim is to provide foundational knowledge and skills, not to replace the extensive education and certification required for dietetics professionals.