Why can’t women lose weight like men

Nutrition expert (Dietitian, Chandigarh) shares some of the interesting weight loss facts:-

1. Metabolic rate of women is slower than that of men, lucky them!

2. A female body is more prone to hormonal imbalances which restrict weight loss making the metabolism even slower. Lucky them again!

3. A female’s body prepares itself for menstruation, pregnancy and menopause and during these stages hormones play a major role. This restricts weight loss. A man’s body doesn’t go through any of these, of-course you know, hence easier for them to lose weight.

4. Research has proven that stress levels in women are higher than that in men. Researchers however did not comment on the fact that men are the primary reason for this stress ; ) and we all know stress and weight loss are not friends.

5. Research suggests that women burden themselves more with household problems. They always carry this baggage along with them, and eat out of stress. This also means that men don’t care much – I am definitely not saying this from experience!

6. Emotions – high or low affect eating patterns, mood and behavior thus weight loss! It’s said that emotions run higher in women than men.

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Dietitian Lavleen

Dietitian Lavleen

***Winner of Best Dietitian in Chandigarh in 2015 organised by Global lifestyle awards. Most promising Youngest dietitian in 2016 organised by International health care awards. Best innovative class in 2017 organised by Global achievers forum. Weight loss specialist - Chandigarh, diet consultations, online diet plans - 7 years experience in Nutrition and Dietetics - Worked at PGIMER and Inscol hospitals.*** My passion is helping others achieve their health goals through optimal nutrition and diet. "Don't diet, rather eat correct food!" It has always been my dream to create and promote good health and fitness through good food. My aim is to guide, educate and motivate my patients about how healthy eating can contribute in bringing health, wealth and happiness together in their lifestyle.

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